People On Sunday + Live Score by Neil Brand (2004)

Dir: Robert SiodmakEdgar G. Ulmer. Germany 1930. 73 mins.

This vivid snapshot of Berlin life screened as part of a programme of Berlin-set films curated by Nick Cave during CINECITY Brighton Film Festival 2004.  Leading piano accompanist Neil Brand performed a live soundtrack to the film.

An influential semi-documentary tale about five young Berliners – a taxi driver, a wine dealer, a record shop sales girl, a film extra and a model – on their day off.

In People on Sunday, a trip to the countryside reveals the flirtations, rivalries, jealousies and petty irritations common to any group outing. All too soon it is the end of the day, and the prospect of Monday looms, and the return to the weekday routine.

The stunning images of Berlin’s streets and the woods and lake which provide a respite from the demands of the city, were captured by a strong production team that knew Berlin well from personal experience. People on Sunday marked the start of the film careers of a number of cinéastes who would go on to great international success including Billy Wilder, Robert and Curt Siodmak and Fred Zinnemann.