Dive-In Movies (2009)

Prince Regent Swimming Pool

Come on in, the water’s lovely…

For one night only CINECITY turned the Prince Regent Swimming Pool into a Picturehouse and presented a ‘mix tape’ of swimming pool scenes complemented by archive footage charting the changing fortunes of some much-loved Brighton swimming baths including SS Brighton and Black Rock.

Swimming pools are a key, recurring location in the movies; everyone can recall a famous scene shot around a pool. These self-contained bodies of water promise both excitement and relaxation and form a powerful symbol; private pools can project wealth, privilege and a touch of Hollywood glamour. In the public municipal baths, in contrast, all human life is there.

500 people brought their costumes for a truly immersive film experience in the pool with a further 1500 viewing from dry land on the balcony.

This event took place in October 2009 as part of White Night, a city-wide, all-night celebration marking the end of British Summer Time.