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Showing in First Features

Some of the most original and exciting work comes from first-time filmmakers, here we’ve rounded up all the first features in the festival for you.

Tue 09 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's



In Lee Cooper’s debut documentary feature, we follow ‘Maisie Trollette’, alter-ego of Britain’s oldest Drag Artist David Raven, whose 85th birthday is fast approaching. A... Read more

Wed 10 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's


Ghost Amber

Blending animation, documentary, archive material and fantasy elements, Ghost Amber is a poetic reflection on the slow vanishing of analogue film. Shot in Taiwan, Europe... Read more

Wed 10 Nov / 8:50pm

Dukes at Komedia

Hit The Road

A family of four take a road trip across Iran, the reasons of which are initially unclear to us. There is tension in the car,... Read more

Thu 11 Nov / 8:15pm



Record opens with a quote from Michel Foucault “maybe the target is not to discover who we are but reject what we are”. Tracing her... Read more

Thu 11 Nov / 8:50pm

Duke of York's



Set on a remote and beautiful sheep farm in Iceland, this haunting film follows a married couple clearly living in the shadow of grief. Things... Read more

Sat 13 Nov / 1pm

Duke of York's


The Rumba Kings

The history of Belgium’s colonial rule over the Democratic Republic of Congo is brutal, “an entire kingdom was turned into a factory”. But in the... Read more