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Fri 08 Nov / 9pm

Duke of York's


The Lighthouse

Following his acclaimed debut The Witch, Robert Eggers returns with this highly anticipated psychological thriller that charts the slow descent into madness of two lighthouse... Read more

Sat 09 Nov / 1:30pm

Duke of York's


East Side Story (35mm)

The Iron Curtain musical is an overlooked phenomenon but this fascinating and highly entertaining documentary explores the little-known genre and features extracts from myriad musicals... Read more

Sat 09 Nov / 2pm



Outside the City

The monks of Mt St Bernard Abbey are a community of 25 men, half of them over 80 years old. This beautifully filmed documentary follows... Read more

Sat 09 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Romance, eroticism and art collide in this sumptuous masterpiece from Céline Sciamma, the first female-directed film to win the Queer Palm at Cannes, where it... Read more

Sat 09 Nov / 8:30pm


Sons of Denmark

Copenhagen, the near future. One year after a major terrorist attack, ethnic tensions and racial violence are boiling over. A far-right party, capitalising on the... Read more

Sun 10 Nov / 1pm


So Long My Son

An intimate epic spanning three decades in the lives of two Chinese families, So Long My Son is an unforgettable cinematic experience.  In the early... Read more

Sun 10 Nov / 3pm

Duke of York's


An engaging portrait of a woman rebuilding her life after it has been completely dismantled, Alice is a blistering showcase for actress Emilie Piponnier in... Read more

Sun 10 Nov / 6pm

Duke of York's


A talented ensemble take on contemporary family life in this bold, masterful drama.  Tyler (Kelvin Harrison Jr) is a high-school wrestling star with a loving... Read more

Sun 10 Nov / 7pm



Berlin: City of a Great Symphony + live score

The UK premiere of a new live score to a classic ‘city symphony’, marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Made... Read more

Mon 11 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

The Orphanage

Cinema is everything for 15-year-old street kid Qodrat (Qodratollah Qadiri) growing up in late 1980s Kabul. Not only is he a devoted fan who never... Read more

Mon 11 Nov / 7pm


I Am Half Sick of Shadows

A cinematic ceremony composed in four acts based on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Bells.  The poetic gesture functions as a performed amulet for protection,... Read more

Mon 11 Nov / 8pm



A Dog Called Money

Award-winning war photographer and filmmaker Seamus Murphy explores the creative inspiration behind PJ Harvey’s ninth studio album. Inspired by the songs and stories they encounter... Read more

Mon 11 Nov / 8pm

The Old Market


A gutsy, psychedelic and unforgettable debut from a promising new queer voice.  Co-director Mark Blane also stars as Mark, a young gay misfit who moves... Read more

Mon 11 Nov / 8:30pm



An authentic and heart-warming love story as a young couple struggle to manage personal hardship at the start of their blossoming relationship. This impressive debut... Read more

Tue 12 Nov / 6pm


Here For Life

A unique collaboration between filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman and theatre director Adrian Jackson, Here for Life traces the interwoven lives of ten Londoners (plus one... Read more

Tue 12 Nov / 6:30pm


CINECITY Open Dramas

Black Shore – Dirs: Jon Park, Grant White. 22 mins. In a bleak British seaside town a family is stalked by an amorphous presence. Bottle... Read more

Tue 12 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

And Then We Danced

Flame-haired Merab has been training from a young age at the National Georgian Ensemble with his dance partner Mary and is determined to become the... Read more

Tue 12 Nov / 8:30pm


CINECITY Open Documentary

14 DAYS – Dir: Eman Elharmeel. 20 mins. How do you spend your days when you are waiting to know if you have beaten cancer?... Read more

Wed 13 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

The Juniper Tree

A heartbreakingly fresh-faced, Björk stars in Nietzchka Keene’s mystical and haunting fairytale, lavishly restored for this long-awaited re-issue. Filmed in rich monochrome, the film draws... Read more

Wed 13 Nov / 7:45pm


CINECITY Open Experimenta

Lovely Legs – Dir: Daisy Wesson. 10 mins. A verbatim retelling; 1988, a young teenage girl in foster care finds company in the social world... Read more

Wed 13 Nov / 8:30pm


The Whistlers

“You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.” There’s more than an echo of Lauren Bacall’s famous... Read more

Wed 13 Nov / 8:45pm

Dukes at Komedia

Judy and Punch

A visceral, dark fairytale – a brilliant debut feature – that turns our familiar seaside entertainment on its head.  Puppeteers Judy (Mia Wasikowska) and Punch... Read more

Wed 13 Nov / 9pm


CINECITY Open New Voices

A Touch of Home – Dir: Josh Barker. 5 mins. Inspired by shows like Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and created using miniatures, the... Read more

Thu 14 Nov / 6pm


Talent Mixer

This informal Talent Mixer is open to writers, directors and producers with the aim of developing ideas and nurturing new productions. It will provide local... Read more

Thu 14 Nov / 6pm

Duke of York's

The Nightingale

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Venice, Jennifer Kent’s long-awaited follow-up to The Babadook is a lacerating revenge period thriller. The film is set... Read more

Fri 15 Nov / 11am

University of Brighton

Animation Lab

A day dedicated to supporting animation talent and providing them with the opportunity to learn more about the UK animation industry, how to get work made... Read more

Fri 15 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's


A standout portrait of teenage female friendship from the director of Suffragette and Brick Lane. Olushola (Bukky Bukray), nicknamed ‘Rocks’ after she bravely stood up... Read more

Fri 15 Nov / 8:30pm


It Must Be Heaven

From award-winning director Elia Suleiman (Chronicle of a Disappearance, Divine Intervention), an absurdist comic saga exploring identity, nationality and belonging, in which he asks the... Read more

Fri 15 Nov / 8:45pm

Dukes at Komedia

Koko-Di Koko-Da

The latest in a series of intelligent, modern horror films, Koko-Di Koko-Da is a surreal, nightmarish Groundhog Day of terror. Genuinely unnerving and dripping with... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 10am


System Crasher + panel

Benni (Helena Zengel) is nine years old and out of control. She is what social services deem a ‘system crasher’, a child so troubled that... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 1:30pm

Duke of York's

Days of the Bagnold Summer

Gloomy 15-year-old Daniel (Earl Cave) has a couple of things to sustain him; his beloved Metallica and the prospect of spending the summer in Florida... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 3:45pm

Dukes at Komedia

Perfect 10 + Q&A

An aspiring teen gymnast’s world is turned upside down with the arrival of the half-brother she never knew she had.  14-year-old Leigh (impressive newcomer Frankie... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 4pm


Screening the Victorians

The BFI National Archive’s entire collection of British Victorian film (1895-1901) has now been digitised and is available to all on the BFI’s Player. Bryony... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

Knives Out

A brilliantly-witty meta whodunnit from the man behind Brick, Looper and The Last Jedi, Knives Out is a devious delight from start to finish.   It... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 2pm


Passions and Rituals + Q&A

Torn between her native Cuba and her decision to emigrate to the UK, pianist and composer Marietta Veulens takes us through her journey to complete... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 3pm

Duke of York's

Ordinary Love

Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville play a long-married couple coping with a cancer diagnosis in this subtle, empathetic character study written by playwright Owen McCafferty.... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 4:30pm


The Whalebone Box

Artist, writer and director Andrew Kötting has built up a string of quintessentially British films. The Whalebone Box is another of his experimental jaunts made... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 7pm


Letters to Paul Morrisey

A beautifully realised series of cinematic letters to underground/ independent / cult film director Paul Morrissey (Trash, Heat, Flesh, Blood For Dracula). These confessional celluloid... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 8:30pm


36 Hour MFM Film Challenge

How long does it take to make a film? Weeks? Months? Years? What happens when you have 36 hours? That’s the challenge for students from... Read more

Sun 17 Nov / 9pm

Duke of York's

Jojo Rabbit

The latest film from Taika Waititi, director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows. Winner of this year’s... Read more