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Showing in Previews – Drama

From Cannes to London, we scour film festivals across the world to bring you advance previews of the very best dramas coming up over the next year.

Fri 05 Nov / 8:45pm

Duke of York's

Ali & Ava

Nurturing and loving teaching assistant Ava (Claire Rushbrook) and fun and warm property manager Ali (Adeel Akhtar) meet and begin an unlikely romance. She is... Read more

Sat 06 Nov / 8:15pm



The Power of the Dog

In 1925 on a sprawling Montana cattle ranch, the Burbank Brothers live in relative isolation. Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) is savage and scornful whilst George (Jesse... Read more

Sun 07 Nov / 6pm

Duke of York's


Petite Maman

After the death of her grandmother, eight-year-old Nelly and her mother travel to her mother’s childhood home to clear it out. Whilst there she meets... Read more

Mon 08 Nov / 8pm

Duke of York's


Drive My Car

Based on the Haruki Murakami short story Men Without Women, Drive My Car assembles a theatre director recently diagnosed with an eye condition, his pretty... Read more

Tue 09 Nov / 8pm



Set in Columbia, Jessica – played by the always brilliant Tilda Swinton – is startled by an ominous sound that no one else can hear.... Read more

Wed 10 Nov / 8:30pm



A love triangle set in contemporary Paris, in which Emilie a call centre worker, Camille a high school teacher, and Nora a law student, become... Read more

Wed 10 Nov / 8:50pm

Dukes at Komedia

Hit The Road

A family of four take a road trip across Iran, the reasons of which are initially unclear to us. There is tension in the car,... Read more

Thu 11 Nov / 8:50pm

Duke of York's



Set on a remote and beautiful sheep farm in Iceland, this haunting film follows a married couple clearly living in the shadow of grief. Things... Read more

Fri 12 Nov / 8:15pm


Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

A winner at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy comprises three distinct short stories: a love triangle, a seduction and an... Read more

Fri 12 Nov / 8:30pm

Duke of York's

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

Benedict Cumberbatch performs with panache as Louis Wain in this colourful and charming, unconventional biopic of the eccentric Victorian-era London artist. Sole breadwinner for his... Read more

Sat 13 Nov / 9pm

Duke of York's


A young girl, Alexia, is in a severe car crash that results in her needing brain surgery and a titanuim implant that has a strange... Read more

Sun 14 Nov / 8:30pm

Duke of York's

The Souvenir Part II

In the first chapter of The Souvenir we saw Julie, a film student based on Hogg’s own early life, fall in love and start a... Read more