A young girl, Alexia, is in a severe car crash that results in her needing brain surgery and a titanuim implant that has a strange side-effect: she falls in love with cars. As an adult she wears her scar with pride and dwells in a nocturnal nightmarish landscape where she is an erotic dancer, serial killer and, after a sexual encounter with a car, a mother to be. Comedy, sex and violence are pictured through a transgressive, visceral, manic lens and served up with a pulsating score.

There are nods to David Cronenberg and more contemporary odes to the ‘body horror’ genre, but as with Ducournau’s debut Raw (CINECITY 2016) this offers something wholly other in vision. Ducournau is dancing to the beat of her own drum and what a wonder it is to watch. A provocative winner of the Cannes Palme d’or, only the second ever for a female director.