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Petite Maman

After the death of her grandmother, eight-year-old Nelly and her mother travel to her mother’s childhood home to clear it out. Whilst there she meets a mysterious girl in the woods, where they become friends and build a treehouse together. Petite Maman may be a quieter and more low-key follow up to Sciamma’s masterpiece Portrait of a Lady on Fire, but this is a beguiling and beautiful little film about all the big things in life. It navigates grief, purpose and how genealogy both nurtures and binds us, and has an emotional poignancy that feels typically Sciamma. As with her previous films Tomboy, Water Lilies andGirlhood, she displays an uncanny knack for articulating the interior life of a kid, finding wisdom and depths that make us reflect on our own humanity and ponder our own destinies.