People Like Us: Gone, Gone Beyond

Tickets available from the ACCA Website

Unexpected narratives expand and unravel around you, in this immersive, 360-degree cinematic installation. Fragments of familiar and experimental films interact with song and audio clips in ever-changing, kaleidoscopic and kinetic collages.

Gone, Gone Beyond is an audiovisual, spatial cinema work by People Like Us (aka Vicki Bennett), which breaks the rectangle, smashing the thin screen into tiny fragments, looking beyond the frame, climbing through to see what’s behind.

It comprises movie and musical compositions: animated and sample-based music concrète collage, juxtaposed with content filmed and recorded by the artist, sewn together in a giant patchwork. Pull on a thread and watch whole new narratives expand and unravel all at once on a 360o palette.

Under her artist name, People Like Us, Vicki Bennett has been evolving the field of audiovisual collage since the early 1990s, cutting up and layering found footage and archives.