Set in Columbia, Jessica – played by the always brilliant Tilda Swinton – is startled by an ominous sound that no one else can hear. “It’s a rumble from the core of the earth then it shrinks” she tries to explain. But the question looms: is this a call, or a warning? Some ancient bones are dug up nearby. Her sister suffers a mysterious illness against the backdrop of grey modernist buildings and lush nature. The film’s strange beats all align and morph into a mystic and beautiful whole, finding a very specific tone and producing something close to a sci-fi thriller but beyond genre. Themes of memory, fate and the realm of the unseen are at play here. Whilst Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s work is always tricky to define, the tension here between nature and technology, the archaic and scientific, logical and sacred conjures a cinematic experience that’s wholly unique.