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Drive My Car

Based on the Haruki Murakami short story Men Without Women, Drive My Car assembles a theatre director recently diagnosed with an eye condition, his pretty 20-year-old driver, his TV-executive wife and his wife’s lover who also happens to be the leading man in the Chekhov play he is about to direct! What ensues is a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying slice of humanity, replete with Hamaguchi’s trademark themes of erotic intimacy, mysterious identity, misled perceptions of others, and the secrets and lies they tell. When watching one of his films you feel like you are dropping in on his characters. You truly believe they had a whole life before this particular chapter, but you only have permission to look through the keyhole for a while until you leave them to continue on as before. Winner of the Best Screenplay at Cannes, Drive My Car offers the great pleasure of watching a master director at work.