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A selection of short dramas and documentaries submitted to CINECITY, made by local filmmakers

A Spring in Endless Bloom – Tom Oliver (5m 35s)
Set to scenes of a UK in lockdown, a daughter reads a letter from her isolated mother.

Blue Passport – John Barlow (9m 30s)
A young man contemplates a future abroad after becoming disillusioned with his country.

Booklovers – Lisa Fulthorpe (10m)
In this psychological horror, set in a Brighton bookshop, a book-loving student on a quest for a Gothic novel is seduced into an unearthly game.

Keratin – Andrew Butler, James Wilson (8m)
Keratin follows an isolated man’s ritualistic pursuit of creation in the heart of a dark, dense forest.

Reconnected – Sophie Kettle Smith (13m 16s)
Set in the times of the coronavirus, an isolated and lonely man finds himself reconnected with family, his community and an enthusiasm for life…but for how long?

Siren – Joe Cooper (6m 24s)
A first date reveals sinister intentions, but who is really in danger?

The Fruit Fix – Phillip Connolly (12m 2s)
Help can come from a strange place. Can a banana and a piece of string really help someone on the road to recovery? Starring Derry Girl’s Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.

The Wick – Sabine Crossen (15m)
A dark period drama set in the 1800s in rural England, 73 years after witch hunts were banned.

We Farmed A Lot of AcresRichard Gravett (5m 25s)
Punctuated by 8mm footage filmed in the 60s by Richard Brickell, the East Sussex farmer of 90 reflects on a way of farming that’s deeply connected with the land, smaller and more community focused.