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Sat 16 Nov / 10am


System Crasher + panel

Benni (Helena Zengel) is nine years old and out of control. She is what social services deem a ‘system crasher’, a child so troubled that... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 1:30pm

Duke of York's


Days of the Bagnold Summer

Gloomy 15-year-old Daniel (Earl Cave) has a couple of things to sustain him; his beloved Metallica and the prospect of spending the summer in Florida... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 2pm


Screening the Victorians

The BFI National Archive’s entire collection of British Victorian film (1895-1901) has now been digitised and is available to all on the BFI’s Player. Bryony... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 3:45pm

Dukes at Komedia


Perfect 10 + Q&A

An aspiring teen gymnast’s world is turned upside down with the arrival of the half-brother she never knew she had.  14-year-old Leigh (impressive newcomer Frankie... Read more

Sat 16 Nov / 6:30pm

Duke of York's

Knives Out

A brilliantly-witty meta whodunnit from the man behind Brick, Looper and The Last Jedi, Knives Out is a devious delight from start to finish.   It... Read more