Q+As Cinecity 2013 – Incase you missed them!

7 January 2014

Another chance to see some of the CINECITY Brighton Film Festival 2013 Q&As, with thanks to United Magic Film Studios for filming the events. THE MAN WHOSE MIND EXPLODED Q+A  Whose Mind Exploded Post Screening Q+A with Director Toby Amies One of the most successful films of the 2013 Brighton Film Festival The Man Whose Mind Exploded is a portrait of local Brighton outsider Drako Zarhazar directed by  local film-maker Toby Amies. The film was screened twice during Cinecity due to popular demand following a sell out first show. Zarhazar is a familiar character about town for many, his visually distinctive look may go some way to explain this film’s popularity in attracting local audiences. But it is Amies’ nuanced and sensitive approach to documenting a sufferer of Anterograde Amnesia  – whom he also grows to take care of as well as film that captures the heart of the viewer. In a post discussion Q+A with the director and other contributors to the film you can hear more about the nature of filming and how the film and relationship came about.   DUMMY JIM Q+A Jim Post Screening Q+A A further adventure into the senses, in Dummy Jim (watch trailer) Matt Hulse tells the story of James Duthie a deaf man from Scotland who decided to cycle over 3000 miles to the Arctic Circle and back again. A heady collision of fact and fiction the film brings to life the virtually unknown story of this legendary voyage. In the post film discussion at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse director Matt Hulse and the lead actor Samuel Dore, interpreted by a British Sign Language interpreter, have a an open and honest discussion about Hulse’s interpretation of the biography, the nature of working together as a hearing director and non-hearing actor plus Sam’s close working relationship with the bicycle.. A SPELL TO WARD OF DARKNESS  Spell to Ward of Darkness Q+A Following the screening of A Spell to Ward of Darkness a captivating film that follows a nameless protagonist (played by musician Robert AA Lowe, aka Lichens) at three disparate, existential moments in his life: as a member of a commune on a small Estonian island; living alone in the breathtaking wilderness of northern Finland. We had the opportunity to catch on camera one of the award winning artists/directors of the film Ben Rivers (TWO YEARS AT SEA) about his experience of shooting on Super-16, entering these unique communities and his collaboration with other award winning artist Ben Russell.   A Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer  of Jan Svankmajer post discussion talk A revealing documentary generously illustrated with a selection of clips and contributions from a range of commentators and critics, locating Švankmajer’s work within the historical and aesthetic traditions of surrealism.  With animated interludes by the Quay Brothers, made in tribute to the Czech master.    

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