Cinecity 15th Brighton Film Festival

10 - 26 November

The Cinema Travellers

12 Nov 6:00 pm: The Cinema Travellers

Director: Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya

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This lyrical and award-winning documentary is an intimate and emotional journey with the travelling “tent cinemas” of India which annually bring the wonder of the movies to far-flung towns and villages. The Cinema Travellers is a portrait of two contrasting touring operators, a benevolent exhibitor and a maverick projector mechanic both struggling to keep the films on screen.

India’s travelling tent cinemas have been delivering movies across rural India for seven decades, but the projectors are collapsing, celluloid is becoming a rarity and patrons are being lured away by television and digital devices. More than 120 years after its birth, cinema retains its power to inspire awe in spectators (“movies to touch your soul” as one exhibitor in the film puts it), but as well as capturing the universal magic of cinema, this beautifully atmospheric film is also an elegy for a vanishing world.

In Hindi and Marathi with English subtitles. 

Image: Amit Madheshiya.

Produced in: India

Running time: 96 mins


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