Cinecity 15th Brighton Film Festival

10 - 26 November

The Sea Behind

21 Nov 6:00 pm: Middle East Cinema – The Sea is Behind

Director: Hicham Lasri

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Tarik, a cross-dressing troubadour who performs traditional dances, is shunned by those around him. Struck by inertia, he is unable to feel emotion even when faced
with the man who killed his family. Larbi, the family horse who pulls the cart on which Tarik dances, won’t take another step. And word has it the drinking water has been contaminated. This is the Morocco of an undetermined, post-9/11 future: Philip K. Dick and David Lynch meet the original Mad Max movies (which the director cites as a reference point). Ravishingly cool black-and-white images and a score of Moroccan rock music complete the entrancing, paranoid atmosphere. Director Hicham Lasri is part of a cinematic new wave in Morocco and one of the most exciting directors to emerge from the Middle East and North Africa over recent years. His vision of a fundamentally ravaged, post-apocalyptic society poses challenging questions about political freedom and self-expression in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa.

Followed by a panel where Professor Martin Evans will discuss the issues raised by The Sea is Behind as well as wider media representations of the Middle East and North Africa with Dr Khalid Ali and Alisa Lebow, two specialists on film from this region.

This event is free but please book a ticket through the link to the Attenborough Centre.

Produced in: Morrocco

Running time: 88 mins

Certificate: TBC

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