Cinecity 15th Brighton Film Festival

10 - 26 November

28 Nov 18:00: Experimental Amateurs

Director: Various

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  • RT @overnightFF: Programme update! Opening night film will be Stephanie Rothman's feminist exploitation cinema classic THE VELVET VAMPIRE (…

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  • @emmeeerrr @cliobarnard I know - we're so excited! Hope to see you there 🙏

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  • We're thrilled to announce that on 25 Jan we'll be presenting a very special advance preview of DARK RIVER + direct…

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A programme of rarely-seen shorts curated by Ian Helliwell, highlighting grass roots, self-funded and autonomous experiments with image and sound. Ranging from the 1950s to the 21st century, the selection includes a hand drawn soundtrack by Stuart Wynn Jones, a time lapse car journey from FC Judd, amateur electronic music by Ralph Broome from 1960, and direct animation film by students at Phoenix Brighton, on the Super 8 for Beginners workshops.

Drawn from two regional moving image archives and Helliwell’s own collection, the programme highlights the type of work with film, animation and electronic sound going on around the country for decades, by people you’ve probably never heard of. By no means amateurish, the output of these Experimental Amateurs reveals what can be done with limited budgets, no official support and a wealth of imagination.

Ralph Broome: Atomic Madness (1960); FC Judd: Mad Motors (1974); George Harris: Time Lapse (1970s); Unknown: A Stitch In Time (1960s); Super 8 For Beginners Group: Direct 1,6,7,10 Stuart Wynn Jones: The Spark (1963); Short Spell (1956).


Produced in: UK

Certificate: N/A

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