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The Image Book

A dazzling and provocative combination of film, essay and collage from legendary director Jean-Luc Godard.  

 Displaying an encyclopedic grasp of cinema and its history, Godard pieces together fragments from hundreds of films and television programmes before digitally altering the footage, blending with spoken and written on-screen texts and a bracing soundtrack including Alfred Schnittke and Scott Walker. The result is a heady, brilliant and almost overwhelming mix. 

 An enquiry into the history of images and the legacy of events of the last century, The Image Book is also very much grounded in the present with an extended reflection on the West’s inability to understand the Arab world. Winner of the first Special Palme d’Or to be awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, The Image Book is an extraordinary addition to the French master’s vast filmography and shows Godard, who will be 88 in December continuing to push his work to new extremes.