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Knives Out

A brilliantly-witty meta whodunnit from the man behind Brick, Looper and The Last Jedi, Knives Out is a devious delight from start to finish.  

It is acclaimed mystery writer Harlan Thrombey’s (Christopher Plummer) 85th birthday. To celebrate, he has gathered his extended family for a party in his creaky old countryside manor. Unfortunately, the birthday turns out to be his last, as Harlan turns up with a knife in his chest. It’s up to debonair private investigator Benoit Blanc (a hilarious Daniel Craig) to investigate which of the Thrombey clan is responsible for offing the wealthy patriarch. 

To say any more would do the film a disservice, as part of its considerable charm lies in trying to work out the plot’s ingenious twists and turns. Initially inspired by the books Agatha Christie, Johnson draws from a wide range of mystery novels, TV shows and films to craft his world. He takes pleasure in nodding to the tropes of the form while simultaneously turning them on their head. Meanwhile, his starry cast look like they’re having the time of their lives.

Knives Out is a fresh, irreverent and topical crime caper that will befuddle even the most accomplished armchair detectives.