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Jojo Rabbit

Closing Night 2019

The latest film from Taika Waititi, director of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows.

Winner of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival’s Audience Award, Waititi’s anti-hate satire follows Jojo, a lonely German boy whose imaginary friend is an idiotic Adolf Hitler (Waititi, in a boisterous performance) in the last days of the Second World War. A keen, though incompetent, member of the Hitler Youth, Jojo’s world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. 

In a cast rich with comic talent – including Stephen Merchant, Sam Rockwell and Rebel Wilson – Johansson especially dazzles, in this exuberant, irreverent and moving comedy.