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Two programmes of locally-made short documentaries and dramas selected from open submissions to the festival.


MOTH ON MOUTH – Dir: Dave Stevens and Matt Page. 8 mins.
An exploration of creativity and destruction scored by Jazz experimentalists Steve Noble and Peter Brotzman. 

SLOWLY, WITHIN A FRACTURED MASS – Dir: Julia Goodlife. 9 mins.
Shot during a stay at a Greek Orthodox monastery in Norway, this film questions the interaction between the physical and the non-physical, exploring the emphasis on the five senses in their ritual practices as means for experiencing God.

An elderly artist reflects on the influence a historic fairground had on his life’s work and considers the importance of preserving objects and places from our past in the face of fading memories. 

PUNCHLINES – Dir: Daniel Kassim and Ida Wilstrup. 10 mins.
An intimate portrait of Helen, a retired maths teacher who uses comedy as a way to process her difficult past, as she prepares for an open mic night. 

TWENTY, FORTY, SIXTY –  Dir: Rebecca Dale-Everett. 6 mins.
Lisa Sang, a sixty-three-year-old woman, tells her story of life through dance, and dancing through life. 

ISLAND OF GRIEF – 7 MINS. Dir: Rupert Murrell. 7 mins.
Following the death of his wife director Rupert Murrell and his young family explored ways of finding happiness again by making a film. The result beautifully blurs the lines between documentary and fiction. 


AN OPPORTUNIST – Dir: Matt Page. 18 mins.
Care home assistant Kate drifts from after-parties to therapy sessions to her day job, struggling to address and control her kleptomania. 

GONE – Dir: Tom Denney. 3 mins.
A young man on a journey competes with time, traffic and the mundanities of everyday life, only to reach his destination too late. 

PORCUPINE – Dir: Jess Dadds. 11 mins.
A surreal and comedic journey into a kidnapping gone wrong, and two brothers who find a window to a parallel universe. 

TOM – Dir: Duncan Christie. 14 mins.
An emotional drama as parents visit Brighton on a misty day looking for their lost son. Their search takes them into the city’s dark and hidden underbelly.

Doors at 7pm / films at 7:30pm. There will be a short intermission between documentaries and dramas.