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CINECITY Open New Voices

A Touch of Home – Dir: Josh Barker. 5 mins.
Inspired by shows like Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and created using miniatures, the story of a spaceman’s dilemma when he has to chase down his last memory of home.

Babushka – Dir: Julia Jalyschko. 6 mins.
The heart-warming story of a Russian grandmother reminiscing about her deceased husband. Having taken over his restaurant, she realises she has been stuck in his shoes for years – an adventurous journey of rediscovery begins.

Honeycomb – Dir: Eliott Mussi. 6 mins.
A short Super 8 documentary capturing the last harvest of a traditional Italian beekeeper.

Impressions of Lewes – Dir: Emma Rappold. 6 mins.
An exploration into the historical and contemporary features of printmaking in Lewes and its continued relevance in a digital world.

L’Observateur – Dir: Sayna Fardaraghi. 3 mins.
Gifted a pair of binoculars, a girl finally finds the tool to fulfil her art of people watching.

Landscapes of the Heart – Dir: Andrew Finch. 8 mins.
Featuring archive footage from those who were part of Brighton’s rave, squatting, skateboarding and graffiti subcultures, the film pays a hauntological tribute to the sites that have been revived and dismantled through time, in a love letter to this city’s radical history.

Loveshack – Dir: Josh Harris. 15 mins.
Horror/Comedy set in the 90s: An unlikely friendship forms as one man searches for love through VHS dating, and mysterious disappearances of lonely people occur in a small town.

number 43 keeps a plank by his door – Dir: Barney Dunnett. 2 mins.
A short abstract film about a house on the film-maker’s road. 

Other Plans – Dir: Caleb Yule. 5 mins.
An ode to patience and peaceful shores, this portrait of fisherman between the lines documents the efforts of anglers in their search of a catch.

Oxygen – Dir: Sam Kennard. 10 mins.
A man explores a new planet and decides where he feels most at home.

Still Walking – Dir: Jonah Phillips. 3 mins.
A short exploring the percussive nature of walking and the contrast of black and white imagery. Influenced by constructivist photography, architecture and photomontage with echoes of French New Wave Cinema.

‘Tis the Season – Dir: Nathan Still. 6 mins
‘Tis the night before Christmas and a jolly taxi driver picks-up an argumentative couple leading to illegal consequences. A Christmas themed satirical comedy, with a sprinkling of home invasion…

Whitewater – Dir: Tom Hamilton. 8 mins.
Dennis is a lonely man in a forgotten seaside town, whose drab and routine existence is suddenly interrupted by a mysterious woman emerging from the sea.