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CINECITY Open Dramas

A selection of open submissions to the festival, from Brighton and Sussex-based film-makers

Black Shore – Dirs: Jon Park, Grant White. 22 mins.
In a bleak British seaside town a family is stalked by an amorphous presence.

Bottle Boy – Dir: Tony Burke. 2 mins.
A lonely kid seeks friends by writing a message and putting it in a bottle, only to learn a valuable lesson in conservation from a council litter picker.

Dinner With Mum  – Dir: Daniel Harding. 6 mins.
Ruby has been invited to dinner by her mum, but things quickly go down hill. Dinner With Mum is the story of time and how quickly it can disappear, especially if you’re suffering from dementia. The story takes place over several years and tells the story of several dinner attempts by Ruby and her mum. 

Flying Lessons – Dir: Laurence Donoghue. 9 mins.
A young man turns into a seagull every time he feels panic.

Going Home – Dir: Tom Denney. 6 mins.
A mother leaves hospital with her newborn baby to discover the world is about to end. As chaos erupts around them she tries to make her way home to be with her child.

Gun Metal Max – Dir: Jonathan Brooks. 11 mins.
Ben is a 10 year old boy who likes to spend most of his spare time wrapped up in the fictional world of Gun Metal Max, his favorite comic book hero. What may seem like a fun and exciting story, however may be more real than Ben could possibly imagine. In our world, Gun Metal Max is merely a fictional comic book hero. But in a distant dimension, his story is very real…

Lady What Does – Dir: Sara Jordan. 6 mins.
The strong bond between a woman and her cleaner is tested when they face a terrible mess. Will the cleaner help clear things up as usual or meet a sticky end?

Marianne – Dir: Matthew Losasso. 7 mins.
A distinguished investigator is called to the grounds of an isolated rectory in a remote English hamlet. An enigmatic young tenant has to be closely observed after disturbances of an unexplained nature are reported. 

Nobody’s Darling – Dir: Sophia Carr-Gomm. 15 mins.
It’s the turn of the New Year and a young woman fumbles her way through an unknown future. A funny, neurotic and sad love letter to London, exploring friendship and loneliness in this big city we call home.

Sunday Morning – Dir: Richard Hunter. 6 mins.
The parallel stories of two people as they wake up at dawn. One is a young woman, the other is an older lady. Each finds herself confronted by challenges which are not unusual in Brighton on a typical Sunday morning. Each requires fortitude to resolve the trials and tribulations of her own private world.

The Appieorth – Dir: Eli Breeshaw. 8 mins.
Locked away for a heinous crime he protests he didn’t commit, a withered and tormented Jeremy spends every minute of his reclusive life, obsessing over the fateful day he followed his young love Jasmina into the forbidden forest of The Appieorth. The day he encountered a monster.