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Filmed over a period of ten years, this debut documentary chronicles trans filmmaker Jason Barker’s unorthodox journey to parenthood through an astonishingly intimate assemblage of home video footage.

When the film opens, Jason, assigned female at birth, has transitioned to male and is eager to become a father with his long-standing partner Tracey. Yet when the couple encounter a series of shattering medical setbacks, they are forced to radically rethink their plans. Jason makes the decision to stop taking testosterone, dismantling his sense of his own gender identity in order to try to carry their baby himself.

The film’s strength lies in its blending of the remarkable – transmasculine pregnancy, although becoming more common, has been rarely depicted on screen – with the comfortingly mundane. Rarely have illness, parenthood, and the consolation and trials of long-term relationships, been shown with such unflinching, raw truth. This is a tender and beautiful portrait about a family’s fears, pains, frustrations and, ultimately, joys.

Followed by a Q&A with director Jason Barker.